Call it "Name And Shame"

I've had it up to somewhere stratospheric with people who get to say stupid things and not get called on it.

Yes, even with things as trivial as idiots and their Facebook posts. People aren't held to account on their idiocies and they have no incentive to improve themselves.

No, they think that blocking a conversation or deleting the thread is enough to hide what they do. Nope, not letting that fly anymore.

This is hardly the first time. <> is a fine example of a couple. Actually, it even turns out I screwed up in that first one; apparently Neil Gaiman never said the thing I read/believed he'd said. So, I owned up to that one. But then you get idiots like Morse in the first one, or Kelsall in the second one.

<> is another such case.

So, as I've said previously. With idiots like Kelsall, it's like the trash takes itself out. Yep, she blocked me. For pointing out where she was wrong. And I was just a tad too slow capturing Morse.

And quite some time ago, was a one named Elizabeth Green, further below (which also points out what a moron nearly-ex-"Doctor Who" showrunner Steven Moffat is too).

But I can screen-capture (and am fully aware others can; that's the incentive for me to stay on the straight and narrow). So I'm not letting them get silently away with their arrogant stupidity in future. It's Facebook #NameAndShame, Twitter #NameAndShame, from now on.

Benjamin Morse, idiot
Ali Kelsall, idiot
Moffat's not the only idiot