December 17th

Wrong tag, Gleb

Gleb Tsipursky writes:

"We can wring our hands and express our outrage, and there’s definitely a benefit to doing so. You can join the conversation on Twitter by using the hashtag #CDC7words and simply #7words and email, write, and call your federal elected officials to reverse this censorship, as well as the attacks on environmental protections."


... unfortunately Gleb is failing to address the root cause by not instead using hashtags like #removeDonaldTrump.

This is even sadder, given that he himself wrote "The Trump administration has already taken very many steps that will result in thousands more people dying from pollution every year by rolling back government protections on pollution. Its steps in censoring the science on public health will result in many, many more children, babies, and adults getting sick and dying. Yet because it will be incredibly difficult to trace a specific baby’s death to the Trump administration’s censorship, it will also get off scot-free".

Taking his other suggestion, joining the <> is fine and well enough. And a good general rule. But you're leaving the monster on the throne, Gleb.