December 23rd

Oh CNN, we used to have so much fun together. You stick it to Trump, but let Charles Arthur stick up for Apple?

Charles Arthur... #lemmeTellYouWhyThatsBullshit

So. Apple confirms the reports, they've been deliberately enforcing sneaky slowdowns of the o-so-precious iPhone.

No worries. Riding in to save the day is Charles Arthur: working author, freelance journalist, previously of The Guardian and The Independent... here to tell you what you the "Apple Consumer" need to know... it's not a "conspiracy"...

... that you're wrong.

What is he telling you, what is his opinion?

Charles Arthur says:
Lemme Tell You Why That's Bullshit
But the upgrade doesn't always make that happen. It's only if the battery is in poor condition he quotes Apple's line that phones are "designed to retain up to 80% of their original charge capacity over 500 complete charge cycles".
"up to", there's that marketing speak.

And it seems the iPhone 7 Plus, for example, will most likely need to be charged every night (<>).

So assuming optimal treatment (make sure you take your phone out of its case before you charge it), your phone will probably lose 20% of its condition in slightly more than 1 year and 4 months. When's the next iPhone due out and for how much?
Phone processors don't work flat-out all the time; it helps the battery life enormously if they cut their power demands until it's needed. When the phone is doing nothing, of course the processor doesn't need to run.

But to have the phone forced to run slow when you're using it is something very different.

... and if you've been working in the IT journalism industry for this long, you should know the difference and know better than to try slipping that one past.
When Apple realized this was happening (because it could see it from the data sent anonymously back about phone performance), it added some code into later releases, so that if the processor made those hefty demands of the battery, it would be slowed down They wrote, compiled, tested, debugged, pushed code to poll the battery and throttle the processor.

... and how does this make the failure to tell the phone owner any less bad? Especially as you said yourself, the laptops do?
I've seen some people on social media suggesting it should be free on phones over a certain age. I suspect Apple CEO Tim Cook, and Wall Street, would faint at the idea: The more phones Apple sold, the bigger the liability would be; and no rival offers free batteries. Apple might be exceptional, but shareholders would view this as simply setting fire to money. (My laptop's replacement wasn't free.) As ideas go, that's definitely one that deserves an early shutdown. <>
"According to Susquehanna, Apple paid just $248 for the components in the iPhone 7.

When released last year, the iPhone 7 cost $649. That translates into a per-device profit margin before assembly of $401—$17 less than the iPhone X."

"Apple Is Worth Over $900 Billion" ... "However, the iPhone maker is the biggest public company in the world. As investors look forward to how sales of the iPhone X fare (figures that won’t show up until 2018), it is a mere 11% push away from the much discussed $1 trillion valuation."

Charles Arthur: go fuck Tim Cook, Wall Street, your dead laptop battery and yourself.

But because Android phones don't get the monolithic upgrades that Apple does -- in fact, it's almost pot luck if such phones ever get upgraded (with the extra security and new features such upgrades bring) -- you don't see the same noise about it. <>
I count 15 version releases from September 2008 to August 2017.

That's almost 1.7 new releases per year.

Charles Arthur: Fuck your lying potluck.
The fact is still that Apple has done a poor job of explaining to people what it was doing, and why. Figuring out how to improve that will be something for Cook and the team to chew over along with the holiday meal. How hard can it be to work out how to do what the same company is doing in OSX?

Are you high?
But at least now you have an idea why your email is so slow to load. Then again, was there anything in there you really wanted? Well, not everybody ignores e-mail like you apparently do.

But I will make a point of filtering out any announcements from lying-or-soulsold-or-incompetent douchebags like you.