Month 16th

Metrics? Insanity rules, now.

And so soon, after yesterday's insanity...
... the genesis event also in 2016, but the backlash is happening today. Hm.

Okay, let's focus on one part here: Some person is facing a social media backlash, after calling for transparency and due process.

... strap in. This only gets nuttier.

One more time: one person, one of the "most important feminist voices of our time", was "voicing concerns about the #MeToo movement and calling for due process in the case of a former university professor accused of sexual misconduct".

One more time: beloved feminist author, poet, inventor, environmental activist, award winner, Writer's Trust founder, seventy-eight year-old Margaret Atwood is being shredded online because she asked for the due process of law and natural justice to be followed.

... strapped in yet?

At the time of the (note I'm not now writing "alleged") incident (November 2015, right?), the University of British Columbia "announced that Galloway was suspended from his position with pay because allegations, which were not specified in the announcement, had been made against him.[5] The Faculty Association of UBC criticized the institution for announcing the suspension, stating it was an invasion of privacy. In June 2016, Galloway was fired from the university after an investigation by Mary Ellen Boyd, a former B.C. Supreme Court justice. In announcing Galloway's termination, Dr. Philip Steenkamp cited "a record of misconduct that resulted in an irreparable breach of trust". The nature of the misconduct was not made public at the time".

And in November 2016, "a large group of Canadian authors, including Margaret Atwood and Yann Martel, signed an open letter, written by Joseph Boyden, criticizing UBC for carrying out its investigation in secret and denying Galloway the right to due process. The letter caused controversy in the Canadian literary community, with some accusing the signatories of taking Galloway's side over that of his accusers."

In December 2016, Galloway revealed, apologised for and as we see, was dismissed because of a case of student affair misconduct. And other allegations of such misconduct were dismissed by the investigator, former British Columbia Supreme Court Justice Mary Ellen Boyd.

... those straps good and tight?

Quote mentioned in the Guardian article: "In today's dystopian news: One of the most important feminist voices of our time shits on less powerful women to uphold the power of her powerful male friend".

  • Atwood was one of eighty-three writers calling for "due process and fair treatment for all".
  • If she's one of the most "important feminist voices of our time", then why don't you fucking listen to her and the other eighty-two signatories?
  • Powerful? Steven Galloway: 42 year old ex-professor, now novelist. Clearly so powerful as to be brought down by an ex-Court Justice.

Because "feminism" has been redefined and stolen; now it means being a whole new kind of deranged, nazi-like, rabid lunatic freak. You're insane. You're the same kind of despicable scum you claim you hate. You're all Richard Spencer and according to your rules, we shouldn't shed a tear if somebody punches you in the face live on TV.

On the bright side, Atwood is far more experienced, skilled and beloved as a wordsmith than I shall ever be. She herself can weave words to respond.

There's only one small problem: she's assuming the people she's trying to reach are actually people who are fucking well capable of sanity, reading and thinking.

You're all mad; you're all-mad! You're a thing that perpetuates and commits insanity in the world. Your brains do not function the way brains are supposed to function. You are rabid. You insane shits are supposed to be smarter than the fucking Trump-voting Trump-fucked Americans!

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